So, what’s that big silo in front of Draper City Hall?

IFA Provides the Knowledge and Expertise to Help with any Project at Home or in the Garden

IFA Helps Draper Grow the Things They Love

Maybe you have driven down Pioneer Road and wondered what the big structure is just north of the Draper City Hall. Well, It turns out that it is a feed mill.

Jeff and Michele are the management team at the Draper IFA and they and their staff have hands-on knowledge and expertise to help Draper residents with their home and garden projects. Whether Draper residents might need to make their yard more beautiful, grow a vegetable garden, or raise pets, livestock, poultry, or even insects the Draper IFA knows how to make it happen.

Jeff states that “Our most popular item is probably our four-step fertilizer program. It’s actually formulated for Utah soils…” IFA’s four-step fertilizer can help Draper residents grow greener lawns. Which helps with curb appeal and, in turn, helps maintain high property values as well as more beautiful neighborhoods.

IFA can help you keep your pets and animals healthy and happy. They can also help you raise chickens for eggs or bees to produce honey. Michele states, “…We’re a family here at IFA… we have people who work here that have rabbits, so they know about rabbits, they have chickens, so they know about chickens… beekeeping is starting to be big and we have somebody who is learning about bees and beekeeping and we love to share our knowledge and our experience with our customers to help them… get where they want to be with the things they love.”

Holly Dwyer states, “I love the fact that IFA is part of the community and I feel like I can come here and even if they don’t carry stuff that I want they can get it in for me and I don’t have to run all over the valley to get it.”

Jeff and Michele and the staff at IFA can provide local expertise to help you grow the things you love. They also get chicks in every spring until sometime around July. Residents often like to bring their kids in to see the chicks. So head over to the Draper IFA and see what they can help you with and remember to go check out the chicks in the springtime.

Draper IFA is located on Pioneer Road across the street from Draper City Hall. Look for the BIG feed mill. The address is 1071 Pioneer Rd.”

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