We welcome any contributions including your comments on community stories, discussions, and events – we are also seeking interviews with community leaders, businesses, and articles relating to community events, parks, and our local schools. If you wish to contribute, please follow the Contributor Guidelines below.

Contributor Guidelines
1. Submissions to the site including articles, stories, events, or any other content may in no way mention or promote the contributor’s business or affiliates. Posts may not be promotional or advertorial. We do not publish company-specific news, press releases, or any similar content.
2. The site administrator retains all editorial discretion and may reject, edit, add or delete any content submitted at the sole discretion of the site administrator.
3. Content submissions may not be anonymous or submitted under a pseudonym. Submissions should include your name, mailing address, phone number and E-mail address, if available.
4. Submissions must be the authors own work and not previously published.
5. Author bios for individual contributors must be placed in the user profile and may not be included within the text of the submission itself. If multiple authors wrote the post, it will be published under one name and the other authors’ names may be included in a by-line at the bottom (no bio information or links may be included). Example: “Mike Smith and Susan Miller also contributed to this post.”
6. The content must be truthful (no fiction) and represent the actual circumstances.
7. The site administrator reserves the right to modify, reproduce and distribute the material in any medium and in any manner.
8. Content once accepted and published belongs to the website. There is no remuneration for any submission.
9. The content must be useful to the reader/user.
10. The contributor must own or control the copyright to all content you submit to the website including artwork, photos, video or audio which are copyrighted. Additionally, content submissions may not contain trademarks, service marks or other indication of origin, including logos, owned by third parties without their express permission.
11. The contributor should not embed their own watermark, website name, or copyright notice in their submission.
12. The site administrator reserves the right to remove any previously accepted content submission from the website.
13. Contributors must be of legal age to submit content to the website.